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What is Seeker?
Seeker is a comprehensive, cost effective and dependable resource management and location monitoring solution. Removing the financial and technical barriers normally associated with such a system, Seeker can be used to improve communication and productivity, assess costs and monitor the location and movements of your personnel or vehicles.

Accessed through a secure internet platform, Seeker provides management teams 24-hour access to a single source of historical and live location and status information for any registered mobile device. By means of a userfriendly web interface, you can pinpoint the locations of your staff on street-level Ordnance Survey maps at any time. An array of logistical features allows you to assess routes, set waypoints, monitor delivery times and find the nearest user to a particular landmark or postcode – invaluable information which can ultimately lead to improved operating efficiencies and a reduction in costs.

In addition to these location mapping features, Seeker also serves as an excellent means of communication with your staff ‘out in the field’. Its bi-directional SMS facility allows you to send, receive and broadcast text messages and manage responses through a convenient and familiar ‘Outlook’ style interface. Messages can quickly be sent to individual employees, selected groups of staff or across your entire mobile workforce whenever required.

Seeker can be combined with our CommuniCare lone worker safety solution to form our flagship service – a complete Health & Safety and resource management package. Please refer to our CommuniCare section for further information.

Quick guide

Seeker is a feature-rich service. The following diagram illustrates a basic location request for a single user. Use your mouse pointer to explore.

Who can use Seeker?

Seeker can benefit a wide range of industries, such as Healthcare, Logistics, Service, Engineering and Sales. Large and small companies alike can benefit from the improved customer services and operating efficiencies that it offers.


Device compatibility
Mobile phones
Windows Mobile 5 devices
Bespoke lone worker devices

Features & benefits

Street-level location mapping
  Meets employer's Duty of Care and aids compliance with current Health & Safety legislation
Historical and live location data

Comfortable and user-friendly

Easy to understand

Compatible with mobile phones and PDAs

Instinctive to use

Suitable for users with hearing or sight impairments

Allows user to monitor signal and battery strength

Compatible with standard internet browsers through a convenient web interface

Allows lone worker to raise the alarm discreetly

2-button system avoids accidental activation

Choice of GPS or mobile location data

Enables lone worker to communicate fully with colleagues or other nominated contacts

Lone worker can record details when entering a higher risk situation

In the event of an emergency, allows someone else to listen in and summon assistance accordingly

Bi-directional SMS facility
  Signal allows your lone workers to be located, aiding their safety and support
Secure internet login
  Allows user to adjust settings to suit their requirements or preferences
Compatible with Care4You and CommuniCare
  Provides an all-in-one package, carrying the benefits of both services

How to place an order or find out more
For more information on Seeker or to place an order please contact our sales team on 0870 750 1475 or e-mail sales@argylltelecom.com

Real-life examples of our lone worker solutions in action are available under the case studies section of this website.

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A convient web-based interface provides highly accurate street-level mapping via GPS or mobile location technologies


Locate your personnel and business assets anywhere in the country - direction and speed of travel data can be used to assess routes and improve efficiency


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