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What is CommuniCare?
CommuniCare offers a comprehensive health & safety solution, yet is straightforward and easy to operate. It is designed to discreetly monitor the day-to-day safety of lone workers. This is achieved by managing employees’ time-at-risk and empowering them with a simple facility to proactively update working patterns and whereabouts and enables them to flag higher risk activities when undertaken. Essentially, CommuniCare allows lone workers to summon urgent assistance if difficulties are encountered.

Who can use CommuniCare?
CommuniCare is successfully operated by a variety of clients across the UK. Over 17,000 users cover a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from NHS midwives to Local Authority Social Workers and from River Bailiffs and Field Engineers to TV Licence Inspectors. The service is suitable for anyone working remotely from their office base and facing potential safety risks during the course of their normal working day. Any lone workers considered to be at medium to high risk can benefit from the support offered by CommuniCare.


Device compatibility
Mobile phones
Windows Mobile 5 devices
Bespoke lone worker devices

Risk compatibility

Features & benefits

Single-button operation
  User-friendly and easy to understand
Duress and risk monitoring facilities
  Meets employer's Duty of Care and aids compliance with current Health & Safety legislation
Green Risk
  Confirms employee safety at the end of a workday
Amber Risk
  Employees can dynamically manage their daily risk activities
Red Risk  
  Enables employees to summon immediate assistance
Integrated location services and mapping

Monitor the whereabouts of your lone workers at any time

Accurate location information is available in the event an incident occurring

Mobile phone compatible

No need for additional equipment outlay

Bespoke lone worker device compatible

Enables you to choose the most appropriate device for lone working application and risks

Comprehensive incident management

Provides support and reassurance

Enables others to listen in, assess and summon appropriate localised assistance

Management reports

Highlights training issues

Demonstrates adherance to Health & Safety legislation

Demonstrates compliance with corporate lone worker policy

“…the benefits of the CommuniCare system are felt every day by our officers out in the field.”

Tim Upton, Field Support Manager, Capita Group PLC
“It gives my family and I peace of mind about working in the sometimes isolated areas that I work in.”
Marie Curie Cancer Care Nurse

“Our Community Staff are given that extra degree of confidence when entering a potentially dangerous
or volatile situation.”

Jan Doe, Locality Manager, North Yorkshire & York Primary Care Trust

How to place an order or find out more
For more information on CommuniCare or to place an order please contact our sales team on 0870 750 1475 or e-mail sales@argylltelecom.com

Real-life examples of our lone worker solutions in action are available under the case studies section of this website.

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Lone worker logs on to the CommuniCareT system at the start of their working day
Lone worker logs on to the CommuniCare™ system at the start of their working day


Should the lone worker face a hazardous situation, they can discreetly alert Argyll's 24/7 staffed operations centre at the press of a button


Assistance is summoned via existing links with Police forces across the UK to ensure the quickest possible response
Assistance is summoned via existing links with Police forces across the UK to ensure the quickest possible response


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