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Alarm Receiving Centre

To ensure that your lone workers receive the highest possible level of support, it is essential that there is always someone available to provide support and incident management. This can be provided as follows:

Managed - using our integral Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Hosted - using your alternative monitoring facilities, where available

Combined - using a customised combination of both


Our integral ARC can form a vital component of your lone worker monitoring solution. Staffed round-the-clock by a team of trained Operators and equipped with sophisticated technologies and software systems, the ARC allows us to provide continuous support and monitoring of your lone workers’ risk levels and take action in the event of any incident or emergency.

Features & benefits

Staffed 24/7/365 by trained Operators

Ensures that your lone workers are supported continuously, no matter what hours they work

Provides human support - our Operators can liaise directly with lone workers, colleagues and management

Linked to local Police forces across the UK
  Bypasses the 999 service to ensure the fastest possible response in an emergency situation
Voice recording

Ensures that every incident is captured and can be used in court as evidence

Integrated location technologies

Pinpoints the location of your lone workers - invaluable information for securing their safety

Customised incident mangement

Follow-up actions in response to Green, Amber and Red Risks are tailored to your organisation's specific requirements

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Alarm Receiving Centre

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