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You do not need to purchase any additional equipment. Our lone worker services are fully compatible with all mobile phone networks and mobile phones, as well as smart-phones and other mobile devices such as
BlackBerry®. Deployment of our solution upgrades your lone workers’ handsets into powerful lone worker safety devices. It enables them to log their whereabouts, minimise their time exposed to risk and summon immediate assistance – all achieved via the phone’s keypad or softkeys.


Service compatibility

Risk compatibility

Location compatibility
Location API
Enhanced Cell ID
Dependant on phone capabilities and network

Quick guide
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Features & benefits

Compatible with existing handsets

No need for additional equipment

Augments handset's current capabilities with lone worker safety monitoring

Speed-dial and softkey operation


Easy to understand and instinctive to use

Green, Amber and Red Risk compatible

Covers all risk scenarios for complete lone worker support

One-button duress facility

Lone worker can raise alarm discreetly when faced with aggression or in a hostage scenario

2-way audio channel

Lone worker can record details when entering a higher risk situation

In the event of an emergency, allows someone else to listen in and summon assistance accordingly

Location mapping compatible
  Allows the whereabours of your lone workers to be ascertained in an instant
Text messaging

Used for reminder purposes as part of CommuniCare's time-at-risk facility

Aids group communication as part of Seeker's bi-directional SMS facility

How to place an order or find out more

For more information on our lone worker safety solutions or to place an order please contact our sales team on 0870 750 1475 or e-mail sales@argylltelecom.com

Real-life examples of our lone worker solutions in action are available under the case studies section of this website.

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