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MobiCare GPS is a GPS-enhanced version of our standard MobiCare unit, offering a straightforward, cost-effective mobile phone and safety device in one. It enables users to maintain contact with up to 3 nominated contacts using preset speed dials and provides the capacity to call discreetly for immediate assistance. With its limited dialling capacities, MobiCare GPS minimises the costs normally associated with mobile phones, while providing a highly effective means of monitoring lone workers’ personal safety.


Service compatibility

Risk compatibility

Location compatibility
Location API
Enhanced Cell ID

Quick guide
Use your mouse pointer to explore the MobiCare GPS unit below.

Features & benefits

Duress and risk monitoring facilities
  Meets employer's Duty of Care and aids compliance with current Health & Safety legislation
Green Risk
  Confirms employee safety at the end of a workday
Amber Risk
  Employees can dynamically manage their daily risk activities
Red Risk  
  Enables employees to summon immediate assistance
2-way audio channel

Allows operator to listen in during a Red Risk scenario

Allows lone worker to communicate details of their situation verbally

GPS location technology

Locates user to within 5 metres

Outbound calls fast dial presets

Allows user to keep in touch with up to three nominated contacts

Fixed dialling controls costs

Receives inbound calls

Allows employer to maintain contact with the lone worker

Allows operator to contact lone worker to confirm safety when required

1-button operation for all functions
  User-friendly and instinctive to use
Compact, ergonomic design
  Comfortable and convenient to use
LED and vibration signals  

Keeps user informed of battery strength and coverage

Vibration signal reassures user that duress signal has been received and action is being taken

Lanyard attachment / Rip alarm   Enters Red Risk status should the device be forcibly removed from the wearer

How to place an order or find out more

For more information on MobiCare GPS or to place an order please contact our sales team on 0870 750 1475 or e-mail sales@argylltelecom.com

Real-life examples of our lone worker solutions in action are available under the case studies section of this website.

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MobiCare GPS

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