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Our safety monitoring, duress and location mapping solutions can be operated through existing mobile phones or any of our range of purpose-made lone worker devices below.

Before reading the information regarding specific services, please visit our Service Principles page.

Mobile phones   Mobile phones
You do not need to purchase any additional equipment. Our lone worker services are fully compatible with all mobile networks; mobile phones and with smart-phones and other mobile devices such as BlackBerry™.
IdentiCare   IdentiCare
Designed to look and feel like a normal identity (ID) card-holder, IdentiCare in fact contains discreet mobile phone technology that enables user interaction with our control room services and CommuniCare lone worker safety solution. Easily introduced to any organisation, it can be worn either in landscape or portrait mode, on a lanyard or lapel clip.
MobiCare   MobiCare
MobiCare offers a straightforward and cost-effective combined mobile phone and safety device. It enables lone workers to maintain contact with up to 4 nominated contacts and provides the capacity to call discreetly for immediate assistance.
MobiCare GPS   MobiCare GPS
Compact and convenient, this enhanced version of MobiCare features GPS location technology accurate to within 5 metres. A lanyard attachment and rip alarm provides an additional level of security - triggering the alarm should the device be forcibly removed.
MaxCare   MaxCare
MaxCare is a highly innovative, highly accurate and waterproof duress and location device containing mobile phone and satellite (GPS) technology. Designed in the form of an armband, MaxCare can be worn comfortably on the arm, leg, shoulder or waist - or even stitched into an item of clothing.
SiteCare   SiteCare
A telephone-based, 24-hour monitoring and incident recording system that can be customised to provide fire, health, safety and intruder detection or emergency assistance requests at any physical place of work.

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