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About us

Argyll is recognised as the UK market leader in remote, lone worker safety monitoring solutions.

Services are delivered through mobile and internet based technologies, accessible from anywhere in the world through GSM-based mobile networks and standard internet browsers. With a policy of continous investment in the latest technologies, we consistently deliver a high quality, failsafe and uninterrupted service. Working in association with carefully selected business partners, we provide the widest technical options for managing risk and monitoring lone workers’ personal safety.

For employers, our portfolio significantly aids compliance with current Health & Safety regulations and can lead to improvements in productivity. The increased level of support given to lone workers enhances staff relations and can in turn contribute to a reduction of absenteeism, work related stress and the associated costs.

Lone workers are monitored via their existing mobile phones, other handheld devices (incorporating the latest Windows Mobile 5 operating systems) or any of our range of bespoke safety devices. Services are designed to meet individual risk assessments; health requirements; the probability of violence & aggression and the corporate business need.

Flexible, integrated mapping and location finding technologies are key to each service, utilising precise Global Positioning System (GPS) and enhanced mobile phone Cell ID technologies. This ensures that the most accurate location data is available for the purposes of resource management or when lone workers seek assistance at a time of need.

Services are available in a choice of fully managed - where clients use our integral 24-hour control room (utilising sophisticated voice recording systems and integrated with Police control rooms across the UK) - or hosted or even a combination (partially managed) to incorporate client’s alternative monitoring facilities.

Our services are continuously evolving in line with client needs and are trusted by over 17,000 private individuals and lone workers within national corporations, charities, the National Health Service, Local Authorities and other Government Departments throughout the UK.





About Us

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